IN Promis.e when typing Shift and 6 produces a degrees symbol. I've checked with another colleague

and his promis.e does the same . both out keyboard layouts are English UK , and as you can see from the 

subject title, Shift 6 does produce a caret , outside of Promis.e

how do i restore the keybinding Shift 6, to get a caret , to produce line breaks in promis.e ?

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  • Hi Jason,

    The Caret symbol only works in a Intelligent Symbol Text and not on Plain text. This is because Symbol Text is intelligent feature in Promis.e CONNECT, but Normal Text as it is a MicroStation feature and Promis.e uses MicroStation as its Power Platfrom. 

    Might have been able to do that in earlier older version of Promis.e, but its was a BUG that has been fixed.

    Also Promis.e for Symbol Text uses "Tag" and not plain text.

    For Placing Text using MicroStation "Place Text" command you can use the "Enter" key on keyboard after typing the first line to go to the next line.

    Thanks & Regards
    Satish Saptasagar

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