[U13] Copy/paste child device not working as expected

Steps to follow:

1. Insert device with assigned family - child.1, CPs 1,2

2. Copy/paste (CtrlC/CtrlV) with Maintain Device ID as COmplete

Expected behaviour after paste: child.3, connection point 5,6 as definded in family

Real behaviour: goes to child.3, but connection points are copied from child.1 and overrides that one from a family.

Trying to change to child.5:

- gets correct CPs from family AND child.3 reverts to family values.

Tested on freshly installed U13 on custom symbols/families imported from v8i. But the same behaviour for IEC-2.3 catalog, symbol K3, family 13.

But for terminals (also with family assigned) seems to be OK:

Promise U13

Regards, Wojtek