configuration issue - catalog lock doesn't stay locked

When i lock the catalogue path to a network drive we have specifically for promis.e , the lock only

applies for that session.

when closed and re-opened the lock resets ?

is it possible to lock these paths until it's required to be changed ?

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  • HI Satish,

    we have a strange situation in that even with catalog path locked (if only remporarily)

    when we go to place a symbol, the defined catalog path preferences are seemingly ignored.
    note in the locked catalog path we have placed catalog "iec-met" first , with "iec-retro" next in the list.
    when we search for symbol beginning "w1" , note that catalog "apps" , then IEC2.1, then IEC2.3 is listed before iec-met and then iec-retro

    does the 

    does the folder structure (shown below) have any bearing on the display ?