Using some of your suggestions from a previous ticket of using "user defined" fields in the wiring manager to differentiate wiring,

when the same wiring is used to show "options" within a standard cabinet schematic, i've come across this issue.

i have copied in sheets from another project, and gone about making changes to the schematics and wiring.
in doing some changes i have duplicated a wire number, to denote options
i sometimes get the error message that the wiring has been used on a separate sheet. despite using different user fields.
(Note - a project re-organise doesn't fix the issue.)

However if i delete that wire , and place a new wire , the wiring manager does then seem to accept the changes in the user fields of wiring manager.

so my question is why does this not work , until i replace the copied wiring with a new wire ?
it's almost like there's "remembered" data in the background.

note in the image , changing details for the existing copied wire did not work. once i deleted the wire , and used all the same data for the wire , it worked fine,
but i don't know why that would be the case.

many thanks

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