Promis.e API (C#) - Retrieving the Device Tag text from the drawing, not from the database.

Promis.e CONNECT (Update 13) (should also work with Promis.e SS7 V8i)

I would like to validate the data in one drawing page against the contents of that specific page in the database.

I would like to know if it is possible to get a symbol's name from the drawing text itself (equivalent of Device Tag field in the "Device Properties") instead of the value in the database. I have tried using the DBGet method in the Symbol class contained in the ECT.ECAD.API namespace, but that retrieves the attributes from the database.

Will the LoadFromHandle method in the LTSymbol class belonging to the ECT.ECAD.API.LT namespace work for this? If not, is there any other way to retrieve a symbol's text using the API?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Gabriel,

    I would like to understand the reason for validating drawing data on page and database. The reason behind it is that in Promis.e when you make a change to Device Properties it is updated in database as well as in the drawing. But if the change made updating information on another page like if a Parent symbols Tag is updated then the child symbols tag will be updated on the drawing page when the page will be opened but in the database the change has already been made.

    If there is a symbol on a drawing page that has different information in database, than the symbol will act as a non intelligent symbol in Promis.e CONNECT.

    Hence I would like to understand the issue you are facing that you are trying to trouble shoot by creating the Validation . We can further discuss this issue in our meeting with the on going service case.

    Thanks & Regards
    Satish Saptasagar

  • Hello Satish,

    My users are driving this requirement. 

    There were two cases in one page (that I am aware of in 6 years that I have been involved in helping our users with Promis.e) where the "Device Properties" form's "Device Tag" field value of a circuit was different than the one that the symbol displayed in the drawing.

    Mismatching information in the drawing vs. the database can cause real trouble in our downstream processes. I was thinking of updating my C# API custom .dll to include a process that could go through all symbols and compare their Device Tag values against their texts and alert the user if there are any discrepancies so they could take action.