Wiring Propteries - Branch vs. Potential - Why won't the properties stay different :(


I'm on to running wiring reports and assigning properties to my wires and have hit an impass.

I have three wires connected in series thought two termial blocks with devices on both ends: D-W-T-W-T-W-D

I am trying to assign 3 different wire types to the three different wire segments (branches I think promis-e calls them)

I am manually assigning them.

If I apply properties by potential all three wire segments get the same wire Tag and properties

If I apply properties by branch and give each segment a differnt branch number I still get all 3 segments changing Tag ID and Wire Properties.

I'm OK with the wire TAG all being the same since this this how we label then but i need to use differnt wires for each segment (e.g 14 guage and 10 gauge) 

I read the manual with no avail -

Is there a different guide that explains this? Does it not work and I am denting my head :)

Any help would be much appreciated.