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What is an i-model and what are the benefits?

An i-model is a self describing file format. There are several benefits to using an i-model:
1 When viewing an i-model, you do not need to have the additional applications in order to view attributes contained within the i-model.
2. In many cases the i-model is optimized for better performance when opening and viewing the file

Is there a different extension to the i-model format?

The file extension for the i-model format is filename.i.dgn

How do I publish an i-model?

There are a few different ways to publish an i-model. In Bentley products that include the i-model option such as MicroStation, you can publish to an i-model directly from the File>Publish i-model menu item. For applications that do not contain this option yet, the stand-alone application ProjectWise i-model Composer is available and can be used to publish a file to an i-model.

Why is a published i-model always read-only?

Publishing a file to an i-model file format can only be published as read-only. Keep in mind that an i-model is to be used for information exchange not modification aspects.

How can I get Bentley Navigator and ProjectWise i-model Composer to point to the same workspace information as my MicroStation installation?

Bentley Navigator contains the same workspace structure as MicroStation in terms of configuration files. Please refer to the "Administrative Tasks" section under the Bentley Navigator help.

Why aren't some of my attached reference files published as i-models

When publishing an i-model with references, only those references currently loaded into memory are published as i-models. So if a reference file is not found, has its display turned off, or is only attached to another model that is not active, it will not be published.

What is the difference between the two files called .dgn.i.dgn and .i.dgn?

The .i.dgn is the published i-model that contains the embedded information. The .dgn.i.dgn is the master file of the originating file in the i-model file format

If I have references in my design file what happens to them when I publish an i-model?

Reference files will also be published as separate i-models if the Package option is not selected. If the Package option is selected, the reference files will then be embedded into the i-model creating a single, self-contained file.


How do I know if my i-model contains references that are self contained?

When you have the i-model file open, when you hover your cursor over a reference file in the reference file dialog box, the tool tip will appear saying that the reference is "embedded".

What type of rights/protection can I put on an packaged i-model?

When creating a packaged i-model, by default it will create read-only Everyone access for the i-model. During publishing you have the choice to change that and apply either a password protection or apply a digital certificate to the i-model.

Can previous versions of MicroStation open an i-model?

i-models are only supported in MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 1 and higher.  Previous versions will be able to open the i-model, but elements may not be visible as this is not supported in previous versions before MicroStation V8i SS1.

How do I toggle a level on or off while I have an i-model open in Bentley Navigator?

Turning a level on or off is done by open the Project Explorer (File>Project Explorer) and then expanding open the appropriate model. Right-clicking on the level will allow you to turn it on or off.

Can i-model be opened in AutoCAD?

It depeneds of AutoCAD version you have. If you have one of latest version AutoCAD 2013 or 2014 you should be able easily open or attach i-model *.i.dgn file as Xref – selecting the file format as DGN.

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