Controlling the levels in an i-model being published using the i-model Plugin for Revit®

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The i-model Plugin for Revit® (imPR) uses the Revit® Export to DWG command first, to generate a temporary dwg file.   At this point the Revit® categories are mapped to DWG layers. This mapping is controlled by the DWG export  settings in Revit®.   imPR then publishes the temporary DWG file to an i-model.

The resulting level names in the i-model are defined by the Revit® settings.

To determine the levels defined in the i-model, you need to control the Category->Layer mapping within Revit®

 How Revit® controls the levels through Category->Layer mapping

 Within your Revit® project, click on the Application Menu>Export>CAD Formats opens to open the DWG Export  menu.

Select the ellipses button [...] next to the Select Export Setup to open the Modify DWG/DXF Export Setup.

The Export Layers settings dialog will open which will allow you to define the Layer names that are created for each Revit® Category during the Export to DWG process.

After defining the Layer Names to be used by the Export to DWG process, save the mappings to a Text file for future use.  You can create and save different Category -> Layer mappings for different projects/uses.

In the future, you can then just load the settings .txt file before you publish your i-model from Revit®. The loaded Category->Layer mappings will be used during the temporary Export to DWG process and the final i-model will have your desired level names.

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