Packaging and unpackaging imodels is slow or doesn't work at all

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Document Type: TechNote 

Product(s): Imodel Composer

Version(s): V8i

Original Author: Derek Cornell, Bentley Technical Support Group


This solution is due to performance issues with Imodel Composer when packaging or unpackaging large datasets. When there are more references (both in size of file and quantity of files), Imodel Composer either takes much longer to publish and package the imodels or never finishes the process.


This is caused by Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection or other similar antivirus softwares preventing Imodel Composer from performing correctly. To resolve this, either disable the virus scan software or add *.DGN to the list of files to be excluded from the scans. See screen cap below:

1. Right click on the MS Forefront icon in the system tray and go to: Open.

2. In the MS Forefront Endpoint Protection dialog, go to the Settings tab.

3. Now select "Excluded file types" from the list in the left pane.

4. Type in the file type (either *.DGN or DGN), then select ADD.

Note: If you are not able to type in the file extensions or select ADD, contact your local security administrator who may manage these settings.

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