Darwin Calibrator error "An error occurred when trying to calculate or validate the model..."

  Product(s): WaterGEMS
  Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX,
  Area: Modeling


When running a calibration study, the following error message occurs:

"An error occurred when trying to calculate or validate the model. Please check the model for errors"

Problem ID#: 84769


Cause #1 - Input problem in Calibrator

One cause of this error is unexpected formatting in the data for the calibration study. Carefully review the data to make sure it is correct and the formatting is correct. For instance, if you have a pump setting in the Boundary Override tab that is negative, this will cause an error message.

Cause #2 - Customer Meters associated with pipes

Another possible cause is Customer Elements not associated with an element, or customer meters associated with pipes. This is currently being worked on and will be fixed for an upcoming version of the software (reference # 710678 and 727785). The workaround is to use the following steps to assign the customer meters to the nearest node element (junction, hydrant) in bulk:

1) Open Loadbuilder and create a new Loadbuilder run

2) Choose the option at the bottom of the first window to where it states "Customer Meter load data" and choose the Nearest Node method located on the right side of the window.

3) Choose the node layer as a selection set the users have if they only want to assign the meters to certain nodes or choose "Junction/All Elements".

4) Choose the Customer Meter Layer "Customer Meter/All Elements" and keep the check box unchecked for "exclude unconnected Customer Meters that already have a valid Associated Element".

5) Choose to update the existing alternative and select the alternative name. Add a Label to name the Loadbuilder run.

Note: you may need to review the results of this update to ensure that customer meter connections are acceptable.

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